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The project “Rich by nature” is an initiative of 5 young residents of the Tarnów area, who in the period from July 2022 to April 2023 will organize and co-lead workshops for children and adults. The workshops will serve to learn about the health -promoting properties of plants that are within the reach of each o v f us, as well as ways to use them to improve health. The meetings will be held once a month. Participants will collect and process plants, in addition, during the classes, children will create an album – a combination of a herbarium and a book of recipes and recipes. Specialists in the field of

naturotherapy will be at the disposal of adults. They will become moderators of conversations, exchange of experiences, providers of knowledge on topics such as:

– how and when to collect herbs

-elderberry, nettle

– fruit and vegetable preserves and ways to store them

– comfrey, Canadian goldenrod, field horsetail, marigold, tansy, sunflower (oil)

– carrot, zucchini, flatbread, potatoes, kindling fire (survival campfire)

– pickles, vinegar and quince juice, pressing linseed oil

 – medicinal vegetables and spices, i.e., garlic, onion, red beetroot, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, thyme, black cumin oil

– everyday and everyday spices holidays

 – warming soups (cuisine of five changes), chives, rosemary, basil oregano, walnut oil

 – bee products: honey, propolis, bee wax, bee pollen

– wasp, oak, willow and birch bark, milk thistle oil

– pine shoots, bear’s garlic, dandelion, saffron oil

The project is financed by the European Union under the European Solidarity Corps program. The Edumocni Foundation serves as an institutional support for the initiative group in the project. The initiative group will raise a number of key competences during the implementation of the project, which will be documented by the Youthpass certificate.

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