Soft Skills – a project carried out in cooperation with the EDUPLUS association based in Tenerife, which is an extension of the „Success on Heels” project implemented under the POWER program.

The aim of the „SOFT SKILLS” project is to prepare people for remote work and education and to train them for remote job interviews by participating in public speaking workshops with elements of theater and video recording, which are a new solution in the training experience of the Edumocni Foundation. The workshops contribute to the increase of participants’ digital competences, breaking the barrier in performing in front of the camera due to the lack of experience in contact with it, and increasing self-confidence and self-esteem. The main educational forms within the workshop are:

  • theatrical techniques, role playing, improvisational theater methods and other strategies to improve public speaking soft skills;
  • techniques for increasing self-esteem and social competence;
  • transfer of knowledge in the area of using online meeting platforms.

The transfer of a new solution from an international partner was preceded by various activities carried out in four steps:

  1. creating an action plan including a schedule and division of tasks with the Partner;
  2. developing a solution through virtual partner meetings, a study visit to the partner’s headquarters and developing an initial version of the solution with the partner;
  3. conducting consultations with experts not involved in the implementation of the project in order to obtain an objective opinion and develop the final version of the solution to be implemented;
  4. implementation of the solution by including public speaking workshops in the standard project.

The EDUPLUS Association, which is a foreign partner in the project, is a social and cultural non-profit organization experienced in the organization of educational activities; creating and publishing educational resources; teaching foreign languages; competence development; actions that promote ecological sustainability and support social entrepreneurship. International cooperation is an opportunity for a foreign partner to exchange good practices and test their solutions in another country. For the Edumocni Foundation, the transfer of a new solution contributes to increasing the skills and creativity of participants in a standard project and increasing the attractiveness of the activities carried out through the use of digital technology.

The project was co-financed under the „Paths of cooperation” program implemented by the Cooperation Fund Foundation. More information on the program can be found at: