When our first Erasmus+ project was accepted, we were very excited and had really high expectations for it. Although we set the bar really high, the implementation of this project really exceeded our expectations and was an extraordinary experience. The project is called “Speak so that you are heard. Professional activation through learning public speaking” was carried out with La TRIBU Espacio Creativo, an organization from Tenerife specializing in adapting acting and public speaking to the needs of “ordinary” people. Our foundation specializes in professional activation, so it is the perfect mix for this project.

First, we flew to Tenerife to see how our partners work and learn from them how to teach others public speaking and acting. It was a great week during which we conducted really interesting workshops, learned more about La TRIBU Espacio Creativo and built a really good rapport with the people working there. Thanks to this visit, the employees of our foundation learned the secrets of public speaking and acting, and together we developed how to adapt it for the purposes of professional activation.

After this visit, our consortium developed a scenario of pilot workshops to be carried out in Tarnów for people from groups with fewer opportunities, helping them in their professional activation.

Having worked it out, we hosted our partners in Tarnów, where we showed them how we work and what they can use in their daily work (Tenerife has one of the highest unemployment rates in Spain). We also conducted a pilot workshop based on a prepared scenario and after receiving feedback from participants, we introduced the necessary corrections and conducted a second pilot workshop. We have integrated with our partner and created relationships that we believe will result in further projects in the future.

Based on all these experiences, we have prepared a manual in which we described how to help people in their professional activation by learning public speaking and acting.

The implementation of this project is a really great start to our Erasmus+ journey and we are sure that we will continue to prepare various projects and we strongly encourage all organizations to take the first step!

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the developed manual here