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The “Future Scientist Workshops” project is dedicated to a wide group of young people (high school students, students, but also primary school students), For those interested in carrying out a physics or chemistry experiment independently, who for reasons of living far away from big academic hubs, have limited access to the experimental methods of learning these subjects.

The Project aims to popularize sciences by presenting them in an attractive, laboratory way. Different  people will take part in the workshop every single month. In all, apart from the day camp children, at least 140 people will take advantage of the project.

As part of the project, together with the Department of Chemistry of the ANS in Tarnów, we offer young people an attractive form of teaching chemistry and physics – i.e., teaching based on independently carried out experiments. We want to share the possibility of using the laboratories of the Tarnów Academy of Applied Sciences, because the essence of the project is to expand and develop the interests, passions or the curiosities of people who already are engaged in physics or chemistry. Who still don’t have the appropriate place in Tarnów that could facilitate the field of action of such sort.

We will conduct: – 7 chemistry meetings and 7 physics meetings for 20 people each – Trip to AGH UST for 30 people – Classes for primary school students – participants of the two, day camps. From November 2022 to May 2023, we will conduct chemistry and physics workshops on one Saturday of the month. Classes will last 4 didactic hours (both chemistry and physics classes), i.e., a total of 8 didactic hours. The scope of chemistry activities: Participants will perform experiments in one of several presented fields of chemistry (selection of experiment depending on students’ enrolment):

-Synthesis of medicinal products
-Chemical characteristics of food products
-Chemical analysis of cosmetic agents
-The use of chemical methods in environmental chemistry

-Elementary issues of analytical chemistry.

 The range of activities in physics will be performed by the Physics participants in experiments in one of several presented areas of physics (selection of specific experiments depending on enrolment and on prior familiarization of the certain topics):

-Water: surface tension phenomena, their use and significance in ecology
-water and air: fluid flow, experiences with everyday objects and materials;
-Use of the rights of nature in life: Bernoulli equations, venturi and Magnus effects, and The Coanda phenomena
-quantitative experience (e.g., determination of the surface tension coefficient of water)
-demonstration experiments with the use of the unusual cryogenic liquid: liquid nitrogen.

In June 2023, 30 volunteers will travel to Krakow to the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science of the AGH University of Science and Technology. The tour would take the form of participation in demonstrations of experiences from a very wide range physical issues ranging from kinematics and dynamics to optics and electromagnetic waves. This would cover in detail the following issues:

1. Kinematics and dynamics of a rigid body

2. Fluid mechanics (experiments with air and water)

3. Electricity and magnetism

4. Vibrations and mechanical waves

5. In July 2023, demonstrations of physical and chemical experiments will be organized for younger children- participants of the day camps.

 See the “Future Scientist’s Workshop” page on Facebook
Project implementation period: 01.08.2022 – 31.07.2023.

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