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EDUpower in Labor Market – the project involves the implementation of innovative e-learning tools in the process of career counseling, job placement and career path planning in projects involving the activation of young people up to 30 years of age.

Since January 2020, the Edumocni Foundation has been cooperating with the international partner SEAL CYPRUS (www.sealcyprus.org) in the implementation of the “EDUpower in labor market” project, which is an extension of the standard “Edumocni z POWER-em” project, aimed at professional activation of people aged 15-29 years old.

The project focuses on the implementation of online e-learning tools that increase the effectiveness of career planning and career counseling. It addresses the insufficient adjustment of the professional diagnosis of young people participating in professional activation projects. The use of innovative tools in activities helps young people understand their place in society, acquire and develop skills based on their own strengths, and increases their activity in the entire process of their development. The adaptation, implementation and transfer of the new solution is enabled by effective international cooperation, which additionally ensures the exchange of knowledge and good practices in the field of career guidance.

The Cypriot Organization for Sustainable Education and Active Learning SEAL CYPRUS, which is a partner of the Edumocni Foundation, deals with, among others:

  • developing and running state-of-the-art training and coaching;
  • building strategic partnerships to meet the learning needs of individuals and organizations;
  • implementation of international projects awarded as part of European projects;
  • motivating young people and adults to acquire knowledge, skills and further education using participatory teaching and learning methods.

The transferring a new solution at the Edumocni Foundation is an excellent opportunity to test new tools in terms of the effectiveness  in other environments as well as the degree of its universality.  For the Foundation, such cooperation allows for development and enrichment of our offer by improving the previous methods of career counseling and job placement (interviews with participants, paper tests, etc.) with innovative methods that take into account the current technological needs.

The project was co-financed as part of the “Paths of cooperation” program implemented by the Cooperation Fund Foundation. More information on the program can be found at: https://www.sciezkiwspolpracy.pl/o-projekcie/.