Founded by an enthusiast of personal development (Radosław Jaźwiec), the Edumocni Foundation is dedicated to those who want to have a real impact on their personal and professional development. Our offer is directed to both private individuals and companies involved in the development of their employees.

We achieve our goals through:

  • vocational trainings which develop skills and qualifications of adults. They end with an examination confirming the acquisition of qualifications or competences
  • vocational (re)activation projects aimed at professional change or finding a new job
  • social projects, with particular emphasis on the sectors of education and labor market
  • applying for EU funds, we help our clients to obtain subsidies

Our values:

  • Development as continuous self-improvement and the environment around us
  • Cooperation as doing something together to make your dreams come true
  • Trust as the basis for cooperation and joint development
  • Optimism and serenity to make the world a better place
  • Creativity as the basis of our activity and human development in general