The Work-Life Blending project – is aimed at women who are trying to find a balance between three aspects of life which are work, personal and family life. In cooperation with our partner from Greece, the IASIS organization, which has 15 years of experience in empowering women, we will develop a model of combining professional and private life according to the work-life-blending principle and we will conduct workshops and coaching sessions for our participants.

The implementation of the project is aimed at transferring a ready-made model of combining private and professional life, allowing participants of a standard project to learn new tools to help combine the above roles, overcome barriers to finding employment by developing knowledge about the possibilities of remote work and find harmony in everyday life. The activities carried out under the model include:

  • workshops presenting professions and  remote work opportunities as well as where you can start a business and do it from home;
  • coaching, aimed at diagnosing participants’ strengths and interests that can be turned into gainful activity;
  • providing employers with materials presenting the possibilities of implementing remote work in the company and its benefits.

In order to transfer a new model, Euroconsultant and an international partner implement the project in the following steps:

  • creating a cooperation plan with the partner, including the schedule and division of tasks;
  • development of a solution through a virtual partner meeting, a study visit to the partner’s premises and preparation of an initial version of the solution;
  • developing the final version of the solution and its implementation plan
  • implementation of the solution.

The Greek NGO IASIS, which is a partner in the grant project, has 15 years of experience in implementing various projects. From the very beginning, its aim was to take action to combat social exclusion of the least privileged groups, such as young people and children in need, people with mental health problems, homeless people, migrants and refugees. The international cooperation under which the WORK-LIFE-BLENDING project is implemented allows the IASIS organization to exchange knowledge and good practices and to test the model it has created in a different environment. For the Euroconsultant activity, cooperation allows to replace the traditional methods of consulting in favor of newer concepts that take into account the use of technology.

The project was co-financed as part of the „Paths of cooperation” program implemented by the Cooperation Fund Foundation. More information about the program can be found at: